Decentralized Stable Coins for major country currencies



I think stable coins are going to be the adoption channel for the next 5 years atleast. It would be great if, as an aepp developer, I can somehow just ‘use a currency of my choice’ and still use the aeternity blockchain for transactions. I don’t know, maybe part of the base aepp? What do you guys think?


Not sure how this could work. Or why? Elaborate a bit please :slight_smile:


I dont know the how :frowning: … But, I’ll try the why: let’s say i have a simple education app where teachers get paid for teaching (lets assume webrtc video), and I use state channels for tracking how much the teacher gets paid. Now as a teacher I don’t want to get paid in ae right, I want dollars or whatever currency my country has.

Now as an aepp developer, I’ll do some kind of conversion from AE to the local currency which I think is boilerplate and I’m sure this is going to be the case of most of the aepps atlease until crypto is accepted as currency. So, I just thought it’ll drive the adoption more if this was just somehow embedded in the base aepp and I dont have to worry about the conversion. Maybe it’s far fetched and not useful, just thinking out loud.

On a side note, if a teacher has to use state channels, he/she has to provide initial liquidity for all the students fees combined, which kind of sucks.