Defi is an opportunity that we cannot miss

Are there any plans for Defi here?It’s too hot. Defi is an opportunity that we cannot miss.What is aeternity’s next plan? There seems to be no news recently.


Yes, what is AEternity’s plan here?

@yani.chain @albena.chain @Helmutconsulting.chain @theScientress.chain any chance there might be a response to the community that is asking discrete and direct questions? And perhaps a forward-looking update as to the development progress/future outlook of this whole enterprise?

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I agree we need DeFi. I think AE is a good chain for it because of the very efficient smart contracts and VM. I’m not sure if the core team needs to develop it or better yet get the word out to developers to build it from the community. There is some missing infrastructure such as a uni swap type exchange. Someone needs to build that. It’s kind of a chicken-and-egg problem but I don’t think it would be that hard to develop it when you can simply have all these eth contracts to Bass the code off. All the complicated work has already been figured out in my opinion


Absolutely. I know this has been a topic here for a long time now (even before the recent spike in mainstream attention). Let’s get some devs to weigh in on this.

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That’s great to hear from you, @theScientress.chain - would be great to hear what the devs think - also it would be wonderful if you were to check with leaders of the project to find out if it might be possible for us to engage them in dialogue? As things are standing - months are going by - and developments are neither happening nor being planned or talked about.

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" DEXs see more volume in past 7 days than all of 2019

Decentralized exchanges just hit a huge milestone. More than $470 million in trading volume was processed over the past 24 hours."

And all the while AEternity is just sitting pretty waiting on developers in China and Africa to learn how to code on the network - while the folks with the control and the money are either dreaming about the magical future Hyperchains or just being silent. :exploding_head:

Dex is needed for aex-9 tokens. If we had dex I think we would see a lot more tokens created. All the hard work is done on other protocols all we need to do is implement.


Thank you for participating in this @theScientress.chain! Since you are close to the top of the organization - would it be possible to ask you to find out why there is absolutely no engagement with the community from the technical folks in that position?

Did AE run out of money? Are they working in secret on some magical thing? Basically - what’s going on? The coin appears to be dead in the water - right at the end of the long and arduous journey - where it would seem only a few more steps are necessary!

Please let us know what you can?

All the other projects im in go out and search for, and create partnerships. Its hunt or be hunted. Ae seems to be content to sit back and wait for someone to ask them if they can use their blockchain. Wrong approach. Eth gas is so expensive, should be easy for ae but they should go out and sell


Yes, go out and sell and also GO IN and communicate with the people in the community!

WHAT projects have ever been successful with such a cavalier and dismissive attitude?

Why is no-one from the org (besides @theScientress.chain) has said a word - neither acknowledging nor responding to our valid concerns? What kind of a ‘community-based open-source’ pretend farce is this?

My 10000 AE drop from 6$, Is there any hope?

Your concerns are absolutely understandable. I do admit that we need to attend more to communicating things publicly–we are now discussing how to streamline processes for posting updates faster and preparing a list of updates from different teams. Will definitely post them shortly.

As for regular updates and dialogues, I do think this is a good direction to enable devs and the community to collaborate on next steps. Maybe this would even open up opportunities to really work together–there are many community members who can probably contribute to development (business, tech, etc) somehow. Will talk to devs on how to get this going and get back to this thread in a bit.


@theScientress.chain just curious if there’s been any progress on the establishment of some sort of a communication with the masses channel… as the above discussion has now been 3 weeks ago, figured would check up.

For being as open, community-based and startup-ey back in the day, AE has sure stopped informing the world that ANYTHING is going on… hah, even the token (because let’s admit, they’re always token - not actually speaking about any changes) posts on Twitter have stopped a week ago.

Hello @swift rest assured that this issue is not forgotten. There are just some operations things that need to be sorted out and some people went on summer break. I completely understand and this is definitely being addressed.

From my perspective, there should be a weekly or monthly live communication event with different dev teams as well as business development, ecosystem building (aembassadors, etc) that is open to the public. This used to be the case with the core development team. This should be done including all development teams and community builders. Would be nice to get startups in there as well. SuperheroLeague seems like a good channel for it–and is open for anyone to organize.

Will sync with dev teams and others. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on how this can be facilitated if you have other ideas. Anyone who wants to get involved in this is also welcome and highly appreciated.