Defi; we know what works. Ideas we already have. Emulation is a good first step

No need to reinvent the wheel. Don’t be a beaver claiming credit for the Hoover dam.

Eth is killing it on DeFi. Problem is the fees are skyrocketing and pricing out smaller players. Eth 2.0 may solve this eventually. AE has a 2 year window to step up and get users on micro DeFi.

All is needed is to copy dai, compound, uniswap etc. Be a fast vine that climbs up a tree. Be interoperable where possible.

This is a psa to anyone who gets it done I would invest in DeFi on AE and I think AE should also invest and accelerate these aepps. The lack of aepps is !disgraceful but we can improve. The base aepp “aepp store” is a lonely place


AE can do DeFi for 1/100 of the fees and faster than eth. Those pioneers did the hard work, and it has been for the most part validated over time

last thing I heard is that the base aepp will probably be discontinued. I personally regret that and hope this isn’t true. for aenalytics we won’t focus on base aepp anymore and won’t include the app in the “aepp store” as long we don’t hear anything else.

personally I am waiting for the starfleet companies to release sth. useful for aeternity. curious when we will see sth. that will also be marketed by the team.

as for DeFi I think we should pick up the pricefeed-oracle and provide a dashboard similar to running on testnet.

why copy sth. that nobody can use so far as there aren’t any tokens that have value?! I would prefer showcasing the powerful features aeternity provides.

copy uniswap or sth. else only makes sense when tokens on aeternity are widespread