Demystifying AE state channel

Tried understanding the state channel code - The Offchain update call. Thought to share my work.


Thank you for sharing. That’s quite useful to get into state channels. Did you discover something you would like to point out additionally?

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Not yet @YaniUnchained. For now trying to understand the code flow and struggling with Erlang since I havent worked on it before. Also struggling to build the code base in my local machine (I wanted to debug). Getting some error when I do make in the project. :frowning:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lerl_interface

Would be really helpful if any one can help to resolve this error.

Which version of Erlang are you using? We recommend using OTP 20.3, or 21.3.
Using kerl is a pretty convenient way to work with different versions of Erlang/OTP.

Hey thank you. I tried again and it worked. :slight_smile: Now I think I am able to build locally.