Deploy your own AEX-9 token in 3 minutes

AEKnow.chain now can deploy and track AEX-9 token with in a very quick way, please feel free to test.

1 .Download or compile AEKnow.chain from github:, for Chinese users, AEKnow.chain can be downloaded from Baidu Pan: Open code: p9po

  1. Import your account or create new account, and login

3.Click the “AEX-9 Tokens” link in the left side bar

  1. Click the blue “Create Token” button.

5.Fill the required fields, and click “Create Token” button

6.Click the green button to publish the token information to through transaction’s payload, otherwise, AEKnow.chain can not track your token.

7.The transaction amount can be 0 AE now

8.Your own token could be seen in ~10 seconds

  1. Your own token now can be transfered as value carrier

  2. Other users can check the token balance through aeknow.chain or

As the owner of your token, you could burn, mint or set the allowances of your token.


Good work bro

Ill give it a try soon




Thanks very much for the translation!


How are tokens different from currency? I mean suppose I create a token “xyz” then will that be considered as currency in exchange or what?

Yes if its comes on an exchange it becomes real token.
Benifit of using Aeternity would be that you will pay far more less transaction fees as compared to ethereum.

So if your doing token sale for example you will spend less money in gas fee. Apart from this Aeternity is fast compared to any network