Design research interviewees WANTED - GLOBALLY for Superhero UI dev

Dear All,

To assist the development of Superhero UI / UX, we’ll be conducting qualitative design research interviews in order to better understand how future superhero users relate to the current interface, user journey, on-boarding and app functions of superhero.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED - to compile a diverse group interviewees. We’d need around 20 interviewees from around the globe, both female and male, all age groups and across continents as much as possible - who never used Superhero before - and are open to spend roughly 50minutes over a zoom call with our researchers. There is no requirement in crypto affinity levels, so all are welcome from 0 crpyto knowledge till coders or smart contract engineers.

Get in touch via a comment here on the forum, on discord or in the telegram groups (look for the raebbeth) if you have someone in mind. Ideally you’d need to contact your contacts first, pitch the scope of the interview and if they say yes - thats when we can reach out to them to schedule the calls.

Thanks a lot for your assistance,
Mr.Raebbeth and Co.

I think that is really interesting.
Maybe, could be a kind of bountie for new users, that users who will be interviewed, and they can get any prize to conclude the interview. As an easy contract kinda play an earn.
If 100 new users give SH feedback trough this bountie. We have 100 new users too + real feedback about user interface experience.


I also thought about this, so it’s a big yes and +1 on my end! The important thing is that interviewees can only know about the bounty at the very end of the interview otherwise they will be biased with their motivation to participate.

Could someone (with more aexperience) help me with writing up a grant proposal for these bounties?


I am not a developer to help with that but link the dots is my motivation to run that kind of things, So… As a user, maybe a 50 minutes interview via a zoom call, is too much for new users,. Maybe something shorter and without a call. Some kind of friendly interaction. (Create a .chain/send a tip/claim a tip/ sett pointers. A cuestionaire, a few questions about SH or something like that as a first step and then as a last challenge , a quick interview to complement the interaction . :thinking:


I feel like the team should record a simple video about using superhero;Including Chinese and English languages; the team records the English version first; other versions can be given to the community.Then put the top of the video in superhero


superhero has no token encouragement mechanism; it is hard to motivate users to produce quality content.Can you consider an economic model like the steem?Give incentives to use the superhero community users?

uni, dydx;, for example, initially relied on possible airdrops to attract seed users.This; simple nft, gamefi can be tried in superhero.The first superhero tokens can be dropped to ae token holders and superhero miners (users)?

Maybe, it’s time to introduce AE tokens to SH and tokenomics for each project has its own economic and distribution system.
Maybe for AE holders, maybe as an airdrop to new users/investors. Maybe, it’s time for a giant new project (with its own tokenizacion / distribution) with a big
and ambicious roadmap that bring back new investors and new users to the aecosystem.


I have some ideas and I am writing about trying to linking all the dots that I can. But I believe that a new SH secondary token could be a great way to bring back that we need. New users/ new investors / hold AE/ maybe stake with rewards in secondary tokens. And we would see how AE price goes up.

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