Determining Mining Hash Rate


Hi all,
I’m running a CUDA miner and can’t figure out where to benchmark the hash rate of the set up.

Is there any way how this can be calculated, or is it already somewhere in the log files and I am not noticing?

Thanks in advance


and also, I want to know the block time. The system will adjust it to match the block time?


Hey @simply-vc-fran and @xiahui135,

Our developers will get back to you on that :slight_smile:



Hi Albena,
Have you gotten any response from the dev team regarding this issue?



It’s 3 minutes per key-block and 3s per micro-block. The system will adjust the difficulty “parameter” based on the network computing power to match this times.


Could hash rate metrics be implemented into the miner to be able to benchmark different mining setups, configurations, etc?


I doubt that would happen before mainnet. It’s feature freeze this week and only bugfixes next sprint.


I think the only way so far is to run the cyckoo binary manually and analyze the output