Dev hangout in Bauchi State

Myself and one of the most active community member (Emmanuel) in Jos co-hosted a developers hangout in Bauchi state. I gave an overview of the what aeternity is and what we have been doing over the years; also how aeternity have been funding startups in a the starfleet program and how they can take advantage of it, Emmanuel also worked the attendees through on how to write the sophia syntax and how to integrate smart contracts into their Daepp and connect it to the blockchain. Most of the participants followed along while Emmanuel did a demo. We introduced them to and had them to register and try the challenge on aeternity development 101 course and to also engage the community on forum where they have ideas or questions that needs clarity.
There was a lecturer from the department of Maths and statistics who also attended the meetup in the quest to learn about blockchain and aeternity.

here is a link to a brief video of what we did in Bauchi.


Excellent work @Steviekusu!! :clap::clap::fire: Waiting to see some of the use cases in your developer community coming alive soon :rocket:

Very soon @erik93. We are working on them and soon we will be live

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Hey @Steviekusu, did you encourage participants to join us here in the Forum or on social media?

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Yes. I told them they can get tip for joining all our social media platforms.