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Week One - Developer Study Jæm - Ekiti State

The long-awaited Ekiti State Study Jæm started on a good note as the participants showed up with their gadgets, a broad smile and an eagerness to learn.

æternity is an open source in the blockchain that help solves the problem from such has:

  • scalability
  • governance
  • usability
  • efficiency
  • real-world data
  • contract security

The lead for ækiti community, in the person of Emmanuel Joseph(JET), welcomed the participants by giving them full details concerning the workshops and breaking down the curriculum.

Developer Study Jæm main goal is bringing out existing web developers from different tech communities to learn æternity technologies, provide necessary support and help them get rewarded on the æternity development 101 course on dacade. Apart from all these, they are also an opportunity to win several prizes from the competition.

Jesulonimi Akingbesote (The Co-Lead for ækiti) took it up from there by going into a detailed explanation about Blockchain and the advantages and disadvantages of Blockchain.

Among the advantages are :

  • It allows transparent transactions,
  • it makes transactions efficient, private and secure.


  • Low transactions per seconds
  • Susceptibility to being hacked(51% attacks)

With blockchain encryption, decentralization and tokenization are made even possible. Jesulonimi as well spoke about Nodes, Proof of Work(PoW) and Proof of Stake(PoS) etc.

JET ended the first day by explaining æternity, it’s technologies and some terminologies:

State channels Via Smart Contracts : State Channels provides a method for users to privately communicate and transact off-chain. Only in the case of a disagreement between the contracting parties does the æternity blockchain enforces the smart contract code.

Oracles : Oracles are source of information which can be accessed on the blockchain. Anyone can be an oracle provider, their reputation determines whether or not they are seen as a reliable source.

JET then briefly explained dacade and a promise of having an online session with the founder the next day.

And as promised, the second day kicked started with Moritz Stellmacher — Founder of Dacade — giving a total review of what Dacade does. He said Dacade offers practical, active learning with real human feedback while being scalable and affordable. With the help of a slide, he further added that with Dacade, the participant had the possibility to earn cryptocurrencies by solving challenges and giving feedback to their peers. In Dacade learning environments you also get to work with peers to learn about blockchain technology.

It was an insightful session as he showed the participants how to make reviews and learn effectively on Dacade. He also gave detailed answers to every question asked.

JET further advised the Jæmers to take up the opportunity to learn on Dacade and explained how dacade would be used during the #devstudyjaem. He also reminded them that at the end if Ekiti Study Jæm, they would be building a Chat æpp with æternity blockchain as their project.

To further prepare the Jæmers for the more practical aspect in week two; where they would be introduced to Sophia(Programming language for æternity), State Channels and æternity JS SDK. Jesulonimi did a review of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

With the sharing of snacks and enthusiasm in the part of the participant. The session for the first week came to an end.




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Week Two - Developer Study Jæm - Ekiti State

The week was not for the faint-hearted at all, as we dived straight into Sophia(æternity blockChain language) after giving a brief review of HTML, CSS, and Javascript the session before.

The Sophia language is derived from OCaml/ReasonML family. It is strongly typed and has restricted the inconstant state.

Sophia is customized for smart contracts, which can be published to a Blockchain (the æternity blockChain). Thus some features of conventional languages, such as floating-point arithmetic, are not present in Sophia, and some blockchain specific primitives likes constructions and types have been added.

The main unit of code in Sophia is the contract.

  • Contract implementation, or simply a contract, is the code for a smart contract and consists of a list of types, entrypoints, and local functions. Only the entrypoints can be called from outside the contract.
  • A contract instance is an entity living on the blockchain (or in a state channel). Each instance has an address that can be used to call its entrypoints, either from another contract or in a call transaction.
  • A contract may define a type of state encapsulating its local state. When creating a new contract the init entrypoint is executed and the state is initialized to its return value.

Data types were discussed as well. Some data types are Int(A 2-complement integer), Bool(boolean), Bit(A bit field String), An array of bytes List(A homogeneous immutable singly linked list), State(A user-defined type holding the contract state), Event(An append-only list of blockchain log entries), Tuple(An ordered heterogeneous array) and much more.

Dacade was reviewed again and we built a similar Memevote smart contract. According to @snaphuman.chain, MemeVote is a decentralized application of the aeternity blockchain (daepp) that allows registering, tag, comment and vote user memes referenced by URL. This daepp is the result of the Aeternity Development 101 course from platform, which is a great community that enforces people to learn about this exciting technology

The second day in week two was opened by @emmanueljet where he spoke about æternity Javascript SDK, it’s versioning and how it can be used on the web. He then started a discussion with the jaemers on their aeternity development 101 course submission on dacade.

@jesulonimi went a little deeper with Sophia and they built an authenticated to-do - list æpp which has started functioning with more features to be added as time goes on.



Very nice what you are doing. I would welcome some feedback from you on how aeternity could improve their developer experience, what type of tutorials and guides you would need and what the current painpoints are so we can address them overtime!


Thank you @emin.chain. We presently created a topic(Issue Reporting - Developer Study Jæm) to report any issue faced during the study jæm.

I would welcome some feedback from you on how aeternity could improve their developer experience

I will send a DM to explain this more.

Online Session - Developer Study Jæm

Here is a good news to everyone who wants to participate in the ongoing Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State) but are not in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

You can now participate remotely to learn æternity technology.

Kindly sign up using the link below and expect a Zoom invitation link to our first Online Session on Saturday 22nd February 2020 by 10:00 AM(WAT).


That is great @emmanueljet Thank you for giving the opportunity to more people to participate.


Week 1 - 3 Assessment Test


Introduction to Sophia - Online Session - Developer Study Jæm

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Online Session Update

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What do you do about AE?

Kindly explain what you mean

Has the team developed a project based on the AE blockchain?

Yes and we are working on more projects.

During the 2019 hackathon, 2 out of 7 projects came out the best. First was Pæy(A decentralized payment system) and KwikJobs(A place for freelancers). During the course of the study jæm, contracts have been built to assist teaching and some can be found on ækiti GitHub account.

To get a better view if the study jæm, check out the below link.



Is there a specific description of the project? Is it convenient to provide screenshots or access addresses of corresponding projects? Let more people see the development of AE. This is conducive to the development of AE community.

Thanks @xupei, we will work more on adding those projects on our GitHub account. By the way, some of the open projects are on the account.


Online Session Curriculum - Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

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