Developer's hangout in Lafia

The developer’s hangout in Lafia went very well because we had a good number of developers coming out for the hangout. For the benefit of those who came for the aeternity meetup the first time, we gave a quick and brief run down of what aeternity and with so much emphasis on aeternity’s approach to scalability problems on the blockchain. We took out time to talk about state channel as a scaling solution on aeternity and also share the opportunity AE ventures is giving to blockchain startups through the Starfleet program.

Emmanuel led the session of understanding and writing smart contract codes using Sophia syntax with a live hack session where the participants coded alongside Emmanuel. We couldn’t do continue the second day because there were some security challenges and we had to end the first day without exhausting the whole time. We will be going back to continue and possibly building a solution around one of the use cases we identified on a later date when the security situation is improved.

The participants promised use they will make an attempt on the aeternity development101 course on