Development of a Rust SDK


Is there already an initiative to develop an SDK for the Rust programming language? Couldn’t find anything about it on the forum, but who knows, perhaps somebody is working on it.

If not, I’d like to ask if there are any other people interested to start this initiative with me as a community contribution to the aeternity project?

Rust is great language for systems programming, hence a Rust SDK for aeternity makes perfect sense in my opinion.


Hey @arjanvaneersel,

Thank you for this initiative, it’s very kind of you to contribute to our efforts.
Our dev team will get back to you on whether there is such ongoing project.

If not, here is the right place to discuss it and get support from other community members :slight_smile:



Hi @arjanvaneersel,

In the SDK team we too love Rust, and have long had the desire to make a Rust SDK–so far we’ve not had time. I did attempt to generate interfaces from the Swagger files using swagger-codegen, and one other which I can’t currently recall, without success.Any support we can offer you in making this, please let us know.