DevFest 2019 in Jos

I was invited as one of the speakers to speak during the first Devfest which was hosted in Jos. The event took place December 14th, 2019 and it had in attendance over 200 people. I spoke about what aeternity has successfully done over the years and how they are trying to solve real world problems with blockchain solutions and of course also spoke about how aeternity have successfully funded several startups to help them scale and provide better services in regards to the problems they are solving.
I took advantage of the opportunity to introduced them to the paid aeternity development 101 course and encouraged them to take the course in order to engage the aeternity community more.

The most active community members where there as well, Goodness and Emmanuel


Wow, full-house. Can you share your presentations also here? Did you work with or did you do your own presentations? Thanks!

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I had 20mins as a speaker so only directed them to
For some reason I cant add the presentation here and I dont know why but I can send you the presentation if you send me an email address to forward it to. Thank you