Difficulty Connecting to æternity Testnet via Superhero Wallet

Hi all,

I’ve been experiencing a consistent issue with connecting to the æternity testnet using the Superhero wallet. The connection process is taking a long time, showing “connecting to node,” and then eventually shows a failed to connect error after a significant delay. This has been slowing down development and testing of our web app.

Is anyone else facing this issue? Any advice or troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

Where are you located geographically, and can you please run ping testnet.aeternity.io and share the reports?

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I am located in Nigeria and attached is the result of the test.

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Recently, the AE node has been upgraded. The superhero wallet should also need an upgrade.


wallet now connects. i think this had to be an issue with the weak internet connectivity. thank you! :slight_smile:

We’re currently still encountering a few technical challenges within our team. Some team members are experiencing difficulty connecting their wallets, which is hindering their ability to interact seamlessly with our web application. Additionally, we’re facing delays in receiving responses from the smart contract, impacting the speed and efficiency of the web app. Moreover, the “connecting to node” process on the wallet is taking longer than expected, leading to delays in executing front-end requests.

Hey, sorry to hear that, than you for reporting !

Do you mean connecting the wallet to the dApp so it pops up, or connecting the wallet to the networks (slow connection issue)?
Could people with slow responses also share their pings to the nodes, please?

$ ping mainnet.aeternity.io
$ping testnet.aeternity.io

thank you !

we have issues connecting the wallet to the networks (slow connection issue).