Discussion: Multiple Miner Bounties (Large Rewards)

Hello everyone!

In order to level the playing field for miners worldwide, we are announcing several bounties dedicated to AE mining. What we need is:

  • Multi GPU miner for mining AE with rigs
  • Stratum miner for enabling pool mining
  • Mining optimization

Rewards are as follows:

  • 20 000 CHF for a Multi GPU miner and a guide on how to set up and use it
  • 20 000 CHF for the Stratum miner and a guide how to use it
  • 25 000 CHF for improving the efficiency of the currently existing AE mining software

DEADLINE: November 26, 2018 | 11:59 PM CEST

Anyone willing to join the bounty needs to register by filling-in this short form.

If you have any questions, please add them below.

The AE team

Hi, where can I get information when I need some more or additional informations?

Have an error: Failed to add synced block 1: incorrect_pow
Sure it means incorrect_pow, but why?

my config:
autostart: true
beneficiary: “ak_k4qAqr2a7rBd5Wt3QJQCHH5NasWJpmyr1uUsUUvVLBsDUtwpu”
executable: lean30
node_bits: 30
extra_args: “-t 39”
nice: 0


found this mining executeable:
lean16 lean28 lean30 mean16s-avx2 mean16s-generic mean28s-avx2 mean28s-generic mean30s-avx2 mean30s-generic verify16 verify28 verify30

can we use all of them? Where can I find additional informations about them and the meaning?

I they will change on next release! Is there not an other way to build in the executables?

hey @Zwilla great to hear from you!

You need to pick number of bits matching the testnet that you want to connect.

lean/mean/cuda/avxX are versions of implementation of the algorithm. Providing that bits for graph are the same, the solutions will get verified cross nodes.

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is there anywhere a list of testnet peers?
For 0.25.0 I found this:

How can I check testnet bits, is there a way to use automatic the right executable?

Hope I understand right, you know Im stupid plain German, with the honour always to confuse the grammar

on testnet A - 30bits: we can use: lean30 mean30s-avx2 mean30s-generic ?

on testnet B - 16bits: we can use: lean16 mean16s-avx2 mean16s-generic ?

on testnet C - 28bits: we can use: lean28 mean28s-avx2 mean28s-generic ?

Can you post the current testnet peers, and the bits they are running on?

I leave the field node_bits empty - no delete the line and engine will select the default one, or do I have alway to set the node_bits field.

epoch check_config epoch.yaml

Does “-t 5” really mean cpu cores? If I have a cpu with 10 cores with 20 threads and want to use them all, do I use “-t 20”?

If I use: $ epoch attach how can I detach without shutting down the node?

right, please check the docs:

  • bottom section miner configuration.

Mind that we have a release today/tomorrow, so testnet may be impacted.

the lower the bits, the faster we get a solution. One can use such configs in private testnets for personal tests.

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how can I start multiple mining instances on the same machine? Is there a setting for?
If not, can I run epoch multiple instances?
If not how to do that? Sure changing the ports and what else is needed at moment?
Sure virtualise one physical machine into many’s may a solution, but can I share the db folder or not?

We announced the Multi GPU bounty in order to find a solution to the “one node, one GPU” issue. Currently the only way to mine with multiple GPUs is to run multiple epoch instances. @michalzee

Hey everyone,

We are very happy to announce that we just publish a Multi GPU configuration.
Find it here and start mining.

Best regards,


I have found a way, later more, because I have to learn some erlang lessons first. It’s quit easy without docker, without vm nor nothing of them, it is on …

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@Zwilla so the multi_gpu branch doesn’t natively support several GPU ?

Also, running several nodes just like this also didn’ t seem like much of a hassle.

The multi GPU miner bounty was successfully claimed. It was published on out GitHub repo. I’m closing this topic please create another thread for questions regarding the multi GPU miner.

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