Do you have any thoughts about China's upcoming digital currency?

Some time ago, everyone was talking about the AE-based stablecoin project. I find this very interesting. Although there are many problems, such as AES anchor DAI, DAI anchor dollar. AES = DAI = USD, why can’t AES directly anchor the US dollar? Or the team contact usdt group. Let them issue usdt on AE. Is this bad? Why do we have to build the ecological chain ourselves.
I think it’s more cost-effective to have strong companies and projects stationed than the foundation itself cost $ 10w, and it has more market recognition.
In addition, China has begun testing digital currencies in China. China has the largest market in the world. Has the team considered doing something with dcep (Chinese digital currency). For example, let jelly directly add AE / dcep trading pairs. This is much more reliable than the stablecoin project.
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DCEP is completely different from digital currency, and it has nothing to do with blockchain. Just like Q coin is not a digital currency.

DCEP has not been officially launched, and no one knows what the official version of dcep looks like. If AE cannot be exchanged with dcep in the future, AES stable currency can be established by anchoring other similar digital currencies with national background. The ability of DAI collateral to withstand risks is too poor, and we cannot invest too much energy in projects that take huge risks.

DCEP还没有正式上线,现在也没人知道dcep的正式版本是什么样子。 如果将来无法使用dcep兑换AE,则可以通过锚定具有国家背景的其他类似数字货币来建立AES稳定货币。 DAI抵押品承受风险的能力太差,我们不能在承担巨大风险的项目中投入太多精力。