Do you want another AE mining pool? Vote for æternity in Twitter!


Hey AE Community :slight_smile:

We all want more mining pools for æternity, right?

Well, here is a chance to make that a reality - go to Twitter and like, comment, retweet away :slight_smile:



Do not forget to vote everyone! :slight_smile: We all want another pool!


So just make it, what is the problem? Do you have a developers or what? 98.6 % of known hashrate is at Beepool. 98.6%! That’s a disaster in terms of decentralization and 51% attack. So you are sitting there looking at all this sh*t and doing NOTHING? :tired_face:

Almost all voters voted for AE, so what? Is there any 2miners AE pool? NO.


they are doing the sh*t job, or scam like zack said…


Hey, 2miners confirmed that the AE pool is almost ready :yum::blush: