Do you want to own a.chian? There are still 14 opportunities here! Come on!

Do you want to own a.chian? There are still 14 opportunities here! Come on !!!
If you are optimistic about AE, why not have a personalized single-word domain name (AENS)! If this domain name system can be widely adopted, the single-word domain name will be of great value. At present, there are only 14 single domain names left in the market that have not been photographed. In the future, domain names can be combined with IPFS to establish websites, bind AE, ETH, and even BTC addresses. For specific functions, please refer to traditional domain names.
One-word domain name acquisition method:

  1. Log in to the base wallet (
  2. Go to the bottom Names
  3. Click the “+” sign in the lower right corner of the screen
  4. Enter the domain name you want and click Register
  5. Enter the price and confirm it (need to be 5% higher than the last bid)
  6. Successfully participate in the auction (the waiting time varies according to the length of the domain name, the word needs to wait for about 90 days)
  7. If no one increases the price within the waiting period, the domain name auction is successful

If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  1. 登录base钱包(
  2. 进入底部Names
  3. 点击屏幕右下角“+”号
  4. 输入你想要的域名并单击注册
  5. 输入价格并进行确认(需要高出上一个出价的5%)
  6. 成功参与竞拍(根据域名长度需等待时间不一,单字需要等待90天左右)
  7. 在等待周期内无人加价则域名竞拍成功