Do you want to use AENS for free? Come on!

I am Bigtree from the Chinese community. I have 120 aens. In order to let more people know about aens, I will open up my aens for everyone to use for free. You only need to write down the aens you want and your ae address. If your application is successful, you can use the aens until 8:00 on March 12, 2022 UTC.

Hey @Bigtree.chain ! Could explain a bit more how do you plan to do this?

What people need to provide as an application? You are only asking for aens and address.

Thanks for this endeavor ! Looking forward!

I assume he will set pointers for each of the addresses. do I understand correctly, @Bigtree.chain ?


Be bold. He might raise the price of ae to $5

Yes, I will set pointers for each of the addresses.


This is an interesting approach to see more adoption here. But in case somebody really uses the name they need to 100% trust you that you don’t change the pointer.

I am not saying that you aren’t trustworthy but it’s a general issue if you’d like to do that. Using smart contracts this could be prevented. Actually an interesting usecase for that :blush:

By implementing specific logic in a smart contract and making the contract owner of the AENS name you could provide trust e.g. by not allowing to change the pointer for a certain period of time.