[DOCUMENTATION] Proposal: Adding Table of Contents to Every GitHub Documentation


Hey æ people,
as some of you have recognized already, I’m working on a documentation hub right now but also on steady asking and listening to all of your feedbacks and needs as an advocate. Over the last week I got many feedbacks for example that it’s really hard to work and search for specific things at this Sophia documentation. So I listened and took action afterwards and made a PR with adding a table of contents to the documentation for a better overview and search experience which got merged and you can see now.

So here’s my proposal: I’d like to continue with adding a table of contents to any other documentation for both consistency and better structure.

Please let me know what you think about it and if there won’t be any valid disagreement regarding to this proposal, I’d keep working on that.

Happy coding! :muscle:


[EDIT]: Does anyone has a proposal for adding autogenerated table of contents?

TOC tool: https://magnetikonline.github.io/markdown-toc-generate/



I think table of contents are a great first step to make a documentation more friendly to work with.
Although I’d say we should try to keep documentation efforts separate from the technical protocol specification.

Thanks for the work to make documæntation great!


I like the table of contents too. I think its helping a lot while browsing the markdown files on GitHub right now.

Where/when will aeternity decide upon which tool is going to be used (mkdocs, readthedocs etc.)?