Dodoma CIVE Meetup:How to create a sophia contract for simple voting aepp

The meetup was so great in summary we have learned sophia language mainly sophia smart contract for creating simple voting aepp.
Additionally we have also ask for the update on creating aepp on dacade courses and some of the new used case in this case is an auditing system based on block chain.the below is the photo and you tube link for the meetup.


Great work @jeremiah99 and @mghase ! :muscle: :rocket: :man_technologist:

Here are some more details about this meetup:

Location: Lab 7 (College of Informatics and Virtual Education), Dodoma, Tanzania

Date: 19.02.2020

Number of participants: 24

Questions by the participants: When are new courses released on dacade? Can we create the same use case in dacade 101 courses, when would you have a boot camp? How often does the Starfleet program take place? Can I find solutions for bugs and errors on stack overflow?

Possible æpps use cases: blockchain-based auditing firm, local event-based ticketing system, blood donation smart contact, city service locator based on blockchain, blockchain-based criminal record system.

Feedback to the æternity team / Observations: Add more new courses, sponsor or create more bootcamps, that will have a really massive impact in getting a lot of Sophia programmers.

PS: Here is the Sophia vote contract tutorial that was used for the students at this meetup: