DodomaTanzania education app

We are glad to say after an intense weeks on planing, discussion and negotiations we have finally sign and agreement with wonderfully programmers as part of our team in developing an education app in aeternity blockchain and I an my team are so excited about the project


That is a great news @Chris :sunny:

Thank you so much for believing in æternity and for helping us building the æternity ecosystem.
Keep us updated.


Could you share your tutorials ?

Ok still putting finishing touches


These are men pushing the vision forward and greatfull for their support thank you guys

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This is really great that you are working with these wonderful people. This just shows that guys from those countries are also qualified to do some good work and it must be really great to work with them. I am also working in programming now and I learned it after I got my college degree. It was something that I always wanted to do and only thing I struggled with are exams and that is where SPOTO Cisco dumps helped me with their real exam question.