Drone Graffiti - first-of-its-kind urban art project



Do you remember a while ago we asked you to suggest a location for the first-of-its-kind blockchain urban art project?

Well, it is about to become a reality :slight_smile:

Drone Graffiti CDMX Warm Up will blend æternity’s technology and graffiti drones to bring freedom of expression and creativity to the walls of Mexico City.

Learn more here:




I don’t understand what this is or how it is gonna work :open_mouth:


Neat concept! A suprising twist to the art venue project indeed. Looking forward to more details about blockchain’s role in this.


More information will follow. :slight_smile: I am super excited about it!


also more info at here: https://twitter.com/drone_graffiti

can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Hey Hello everyone, I’m Stefania and I’m new here in the forum :blush: nice to meet you all! Drone Graffiti will debut publicly this Saturday the 8th February… I’m super excited to see blockchain and graffiti drones in action !


Hey everyone,

æternity organizes its first meetup in Mexico City to meet the local blockchain community and talk about blockchain programming, building æpps, and the process of decentralization.

We’ll also introduce Drone Graffiti, which will be publicly showcased on February 8-10, 2019 in Mexico City during the Art Week.

Drone Graffiti is a new medium powered by æternity blockchain that enables the global community to create graffiti with drones, utilizing the decentralized, uncensored, transparent blockchain where the art will remain indefinitely, uncensored and accessible to all.



So the art will also be saved digitally on the blockchain and be viewed in VR or something? Anyway really cool I want to graffiti legally from my computer


We will announce more about the concept very soon :slight_smile: But you are on the right track.


Sounds futuristic! But I do not understand the principle of work either. Will drone be just recording or translating the images on the blockchain or it will spray the paint by itself?
Please keep us updated!


The user adds an image -> the image is translated into drone flight paths -> the image is painted on the wall. The painting is also stored on IPFS (accessible by the dedicated aepp) and also secured by the aeternity blockchain. More info coming up :slight_smile:



Wow! Thanks for the quick reply! So, that’s a drone painting anyways, amazing! Good luck!


Hey everyone,

We are thrilled and very excited about Drone Graffiti’s first-ever public showcase that starts today in Mexico City.

The marriage of urban art and blockchain is a natural fit. Graffiti has always been a means of expression and of free speech, a tool by which artists provide illustrative commentary from the politically motivated to the aesthetically pleasing — on the walls of city streets.

Learn more about the project below and don’t forget that this is just the first phase -
In spring 2019, we’ll demonstrate the true scale of the platform and its potential for mass collaboration:

We count on you to spread the word about Drone Graffiti :slight_smile:



Can you explain the main idea of the project please, i went through the website but didnt understand anything


Is there a mechanism to discourage advertisers from putting in billboard type ads?



The idea is that the graffiti painted by the drones are simultaneously recorded on the æternity blockchain.

Using an æpp that will be launched in April, an artist will be able to upload a picture. It will be then converted into flight path for the drone and pained by drones in the real world. The art will be recorded and preserved forever on the blockchain.

Check our Instagram page to see footage from the Drone Graffiti’s showcase:



We have decided not to perform any curation on the content. Anyone who participates in the painting slot auction process and wins, will be able to submit anything they wish. No censorship.