Egyptian Pharaoh just joined æternity

Hi everyone, :wave:
My name is Abdulla, you can call me Dod or even Abuelkheeir.
I am an Egyptian, its great that my birthday meets the day i am writing this introduction :smiley:

well, i do have 4 years of experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency, trading fields and community management, i also did translated more than 70 projects and worked as Community & PR manager (Middle East & North Africa) for different projects.

it is my pleasure to meet all of you here, and i will do my best to be a valuable asset to æternity.

WITH LOVE <3 , Egyptian aæmbassador


Hello @Abuelkheeir

Welcome and happy birthday :smiley:


thank you very much, appreciated :slight_smile:

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We are more than happy to have you with us @Abuelkheeir :smiley: :raised_hands: :earth_africa:


appreciated <3

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