Ekiti State University meetup. 27/4/2019 🔥


Hello everyone, this is to inform you all about the meetup in university of Ekiti State University, Aeternity has been in the spot in helping to combat scalability issues, we believe its has been solved, and right now, we are not just relenting, Aeternity blockchain is preaching blockchain to all universities, hubs, crypto events, and countries.

Aeternity will get to every part of the world in no time, we pushing forward, we are solving real time problems that we face in our day to day lives, Aeternity is pushing their innovation, for mass adoption.

University of porthacourt has been reached,

Ekiti state university is next, other aembassadors are really doing great.

So save the date, visit and come learn about Aeternity Blockchain, it promises to be a great one, lot and lots to learn… Be there


Thank you @Barineka, this is a great photo!

Keep up the good work!