Epoch mined block but height is smaller than aeternity explorer top height


I used epoch mining block

grep "mined" log/epoch_mining.log 
2018-09-12 19:05:48.423 [info] <0.1235.0>@aec_conductor:handle_mined_block:820 Block mined: Height = 1308; Hash = cbaf2263c6c78c15b116e1b8371cfcd6a5fc18ff01ff4466dc455316b735efea
2018-09-12 19:27:28.006 [info] <0.1235.0>@aec_conductor:handle_mined_block:820 Block mined: Height = 1309; Hash = cc1bda0a0f4d84f3fd5c9ac6332ecc6bd7830a71bb0ad0d80964a540fda463a8
2018-09-12 19:36:12.899 [info] <0.1235.0>@aec_conductor:handle_mined_block:820 Block mined: Height = 1310; Hash = c78e28f0bd0cde66049b97c648931eac0dfc5a927ce43b1878871be6e75e0e62
2018-09-12 19:36:58.853 [info] <0.1235.0>@aec_conductor:handle_mined_block:820 Block mined: Height = 1311; Hash = a92eddf56cec74c30087d0931dc411383ddf2e0d415a8241d27f06579d9aa8a4
(venv) MacdeMacBook-Pro:epoch mac$ 

but those are different with blockchain explorer. the height of the block is too smaller.
what should I do?


Hey @yeqinfu,

We’ve forwarded your question and our developers will get back to you.

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Hi, it looks like you’re not connected to the testnet. Could you please post the contents of epoch.yaml and the output of curl localhost:3013/v2/status.



@dincho hi,this is my epoch.yaml

    port: 3115
    external_port: 3015

    dir: keys
    password: "PASSWORD"

        port: 3013
        port: 3113

        port: 3114
        port: 3014

    beneficiary: "ak$Xuj42Gz5DrBuXuiatVqnzdvwYUtyE5NnbnXVvv3guYkZTR1qC"
    autostart: true

    persist: true
    db_path: ./my_db

and also truly I did not connect to test net. so what am I connected?
and how should I config this


I see you’re running v0.20 and testnet is currently running v0.21, please try installing and run epoch v0.21.

Epoch versions are usually not backward compatible (yet), so you should make sure you’re always running the latest version if you want to connect to the testnet. Also please note that, it’s expected to release v0.22 tomorrow midday if everything goes well, so we might need to install that to connect to testnet.

You’re probably not connected to other peers and mine on your own.


@dincho Thanks,so how could I upgrade my epoch? Redownload the release package from github? or another good way?And what different between epoch and elixir-node https://github.com/aeternity/elixir-node


There is no separate update procedure as of now, you have to install the new version in a new directory. Don’t forget to stop the old version node, before running the new one.
You can find more about version 0.21 in the release notes.

Elixir node is parallel implementation of the protocol, however it’s couple of versions behind the erlang node, so you won’t be able to connect to the testnet yet. @piwo Can share more details about it.


Thanks, I found epoch used swagger UI to show all the interfaces .but I do not how to access local address swagger UI when epoch start.
like this


Hello yeqinfu, I am the project manager of the elixir team. Development in the elixir project started a lot later than epoch and our team has a very different structure and experience level. Currently we work to match the aeternity 0.16. specification, we plan to have this working within the next weeks.

Afterwards the plan is to catchup with the latest aeternity release to this time, 0.23 maybe. I assume this will take 2-3 months, so in total we are about 3 months behind our core-development team when it comes to being ready for mainnet release.

The aetenity erlang implementation should definitely be seen as reference implementation, with the elixir one as experimental alternative for now, but sometime after mainnet the elixir version will be ready and up-to-par with erlang.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


We don’t expose API docs on node as of now, you can see the latest release api docs at: https://aeternity.github.io/epoch-api-docs/ (your link points to development version).

Only the JSON schema is published on each node and can be accessed at http://node_address:port/api for example: