Error node version when trying to generate paper wallets


i’ve followed this paper wallet generator script and receive this error

aeternity.exceptions.UnsupportedEpochVersion: Unable to connect to the node: unsupported epoch version 3.3.0, supported version are >=1.0.0 and <2.0.0

How can i fix the script so it works again?

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I am not an Python expert, and not quite familiar with the tool, but I think updating the SDK version should fix the problem. The issue is that the version of the sdk is 2.0.0 which doesn’t support the new Fortuna nodes and the sdk-testnet is using version 3.3.0 of the node.


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Would be nice if someone could update the script with the right SDK and Node version. Is there a way / configuration for forgae to spin up a local environment with pre-set node and sdk versions or does it always take the newest one?

Not always the latest one, currently there are not the latest but stable. You can change the node version, from the docker-compose file in your project. The SDK version which forgae uses can’t be changed though.

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