Error passing map field from JS SDK

Hey @philipp.chain @hanssv.chain @nikitafuchs.chain I’m working with some sophia contract where I need to pass a map(int, record) and I’m getting some error.

Here is my contract:

contract CryptoHamster =
   datatype event = NewHamster(indexed int, string, hash)
   record leg = {

   record hamster = {legs:map(int, leg)}

   record state = { hamsters: map(int,hamster)}

   stateful entrypoint init() = { hamsters = {} }

   stateful entrypoint addAllHamsterByMap(id:int, hamsters:map(int,hamster)) =

   entrypoint getHamster(id) =

   stateful entrypoint my_sophia_init() = 
     let hamsters={[3]={legs={[3]={number=3,name="nombre"}}}}

And here is my test function:

 it('Should check if hamster has been created', async () => {
        let hamster_map = new Map();
        let hamster = new Map();
        let leg = {
        await instance.addAllHamsterByMap(1,hamster_map)

        let exists = (await instance.getHamster(1)).decodedResult

        assert.isTrue(exists, 'hamster has not been created')

The error I’m getting is the following:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘reduce’ of undefined

I tried passing the object directly, different structure and same result, however if I invoke my_sophia_init creating the map it works.

Am I creating the map the wrong way?

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I also tried this way of map construction:

 const measure_type_map =new Map(
              [1, [1,'Humedad',1,'env_humidity',2]]

With the exact same error.

Sorry I know nothing about JS…

Thanks @hanssv.chain, it seems like I’m on the same situation :smiley:

  1. Problem:

Your record hamster = { legs : map(int, leg) } is a record of legs with map inside, but in

let leg = {
  number: 1,
  name: 'Leg1'

hamster.set(1, leg)

you don’t add a record to the hamster map, but the map directly.

let hamsters = new Map();
let legs = new Map();
let leg = {
  number: 1,
  name: 'Leg1'
legs.set(1, leg)
hamsters.set(1, {legs: legs})
  1. Problem:
    There is a compiler bug that won’t allow decoding of records with only one attribute, as this gets overly optimized. So either you add a second attribute in {legs:map(int, leg)} or you remove the record and directly use the map.
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The fix for this bug is merged, but I don’t think it has made it into a release yet…


Thanks @philipp.chain !