Essential æternity network metrics

Hello everyone,

I would like to start a topic about the different network and network value metrics that the community is interested in. I already discussed those with @emin.chain and we are up to something. I believe that having these metrics set up and monitored (possibly via dashboard) would be very useful for the entire community. They could also be instrumental in the process of judging success of promotional efforts.

Here is what Emin and I think could be useful (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, all time):

  • total number of transactions
  • total value transferred (in AE tokens)
  • total number of state channels opened and closed
  • total value locked in state channels (in AE tokens)
  • total number of contracts created
  • total number of contract state changes (a bit tricky maybe)
  • total value managed by contracts (in AE tokens)
  • total number of unique addresses that interact with smart contracts
  • total number of AE token accounts with balances different from “0”
  • total value of gas spent (in AE tokens)
  • total value of fees paid (in AE tokens)
  • total number of names registered (already available)
  • total number of registered oracles (already available)
  • total number of active oracles (active -> replied to query in the last 7 days - could be defined differently)

Apart from AE tokens, value could also be expressed in a few fiat currencies.

I think @jsnewby and @LiuYang.chain could provide a useful perspective here. What do you guys think about the metrics mentioned above? Also - how difficult would be to create a dashboard that features them in a single location (web page). Finally, is something missing in your opinion?


Cool, thanks for posting this here @vlad.chain

I know that @bot was working on some more core monitoring numbers together with @dincho who also runs datahog analytics on many nodes. Maybe they can add some ideas here too - it would also be great if there would be API endpoints directly in the node that you code query that tell you “something” about the network. I think we don’t have many of those http API endpoints yet but it would be possible to add some.


The more details, the better~most of the stats could be done in aeknow. I recorded these metrics to github:

They might be implemented with other requests in Q1~Q2 2020. The Spring Festival of China is coming, there is no much time for coding :grinning:

The expiration of AENS might be importtant for some users; and AENS channel of aeknow will be polished later.

The balance history chart is also requested by some users.

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Come on。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

as there is an actively developed middleware (aeternal) it would in my opinion make most sense to collect the necessary data there and provide an API which 3rd party providers could use in their custom dashboards.

at least this should be done for all data that can be collected by running a full node that connects to the middleware.

@jsnewby what do you think?


Well done
We are so proud of you

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That’s great! Please let us know if you implement them or you need some support on my side in terms of visuals or testing.

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