Eth Wallets Overview, WalletConnect and Edge Wallet Seed backup

I like to be an early adopter of all kind of software products starting from development frameworks to user applications.

During the past two week I have looked into three interesting things that I would like to share with the Wallet teams, especially @stoyan.chain, @andreas and @milenradkov.chain

1) Eth Wallets and Features Overview

Check out this fantastic spreadsheet:

2) WalletConnect

More and more wallets support WalletConnect, i like the way they have solved dapp and wallet interaction, the aeternity ecosystem should consider this too! Check out the demo, it is sexy.

3) Edge Wallet
Edge wallet has found a way to backup keys in a decentralized way and only using a username and password (plus recovery somehow) to sign into your wallet. It is not as secure as having the seed (I guess) but it looks simple and maybe could be explored.

Thats it, happy researching.

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I posted the edge wallet question also here Edge wallet login system

Thanks for posting this. Very interesting! We’ll have a look and try to get AirGap added.

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We’ll check the provided protocols and links and think what we can integrate/reuse or what can we do better :slight_smile:

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