[Fastest]Bminer 12.1.0 50% performance improvement on Aeternity


We’re pleased to release Bminer 12.1.0.

The release provides:

50% performance improvement on Aeternity.
10% performance improvement on Grin.
Support 8GB cards on Windows 10.
Support SSL connections for Grin.

Happy mining!


It is faster but it does not seem stable to me. Got my oc way down and still it crashes every 15min or so. Does restart automatically but still. Seems buggy


Lol 50% faster (vs what ? surely not hspminer). But my problem is the same than older release, i have a huge amount of rejected shares. For example i have just started again bminer on one rig, i have 16 accepted shares and 15 rejected.

I will let it run for another 15 minutes to see if it decreases. Though i must say i mine on Beepool. Maybe on f2pool it’s ok.

Now i have ended writing this message i have 27 accepted and 23 rejected. Now i think about it i should calculate if i have more accepted shares than on hspminer during a timeframe.

edit :
i ran hspminer during 10 minutes and bminer 10 minutes.
57 accepted shares for hspminer with 0 rejected.
39 accepted shares for bminer and 32 rejected.

Maybe it would be 50% faster if i had all shares accepted.