Faucet does not work


It seems the Kovan faucet mentioned on the getstarted page doesn’t work.

It returns the following message :"Invalid JSON RPC response
curl http://ae-faucet.aepps.com/gist --data “gist_id=9b3bbb10cafa79ff7da54f90600fa8a8”

Should it still work?
Is there another good starting point, expect of this getstarted. For me it seems it is not really up-to-date…, i.e.

  • faucet does not work
  • not possible to create custom RPC Endpoints in aepp-identity like localhost:9545 (With Metamask it works fine)
  • app-scatch needs a few fixes under windows in order to run (i.e. no ls, grep command)
  • no answer in gitter channel


Hey @migaman,

Thank you for your question, we’ve forwarded it to our dev team.
We’ll keep you posted about their response.

Just FYI, we are currently trying to move all the gitter discussions to the forum so it’s great that you are asking it here.

Best regards,
The AE Team