[Feature] aeternity wall (blockchain twitter without tipping URLs)

For the contribution campaign in 2017 we had people entering an aeternal message into the ethereum blockchain for many of the contribution transactions.

we should take these transactions and build a twitter-like aeternity wall for messages, which can be tipped, too, but shall not contain an URLtip. they should stand for themselves.

whats currently HOME should become TIPS.

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do you mean the original messages from 2017? Should be doable


the effort here is dependend on the design, technical work is not much

approval for designers to work 2h on creating first design draft. post them here please. thanks.


Can I see somewhere what these messages look like? What’s their content? Or anything from 2017 that might give me better idea of the task?

these are the messages https://github.com/aeternity/aeternity/blob/master/data/aecore/.genesis/messages.json


ae Message Wall Design Suggestion:

NextCloud direct link: https://nx3594.your-storageshare.de/apps/files/?dir=/P1/Superhero/Superhero.com/Desktop/v2/ae%20Wall&fileid=521865

Nextcloud directory: …/P1/Superhero/Superhero.com/Desktop/v2/ae Wall/


I’m wondering how the users will be able to claim tips sent to such messages. cc @philipp.chain

Is this the final design @tsvetan.chain?

I don’t think it should be allowed to tip those, I don’t see a feasible way to make them claimable.

Theoretically we could figure out what address the tokens have been migrated to, would be lots of work.

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Let’s combine the form for tipping and posting such message in one:

Similar to twitter’s:

Then I suggest deploying a separate contract for storing such messages.

  • we will be able to put all of the previous messages from the initial contribution campaign to be public on the blockchain and visible in the feed (without ability to tip/claim them - as this is nor an URL, neither we know the ak_xx pub key of the author /we only know the eth one/)
  • all new messages will be able to be tipped and claimed (or better direct_tip /upcoming in the tippingV2 contract/

Your opinion @philipp.chain?

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I assume this feature is only for the initial contribution campaign messages, other messages would be considered under the direct tip feature, right?

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Should be possible to post message without sending tip though.

why? I don’t think it should

message wall is just for contributon campaign
direct tip is for direct tip

who will pay for them to be on the blockchain?

After discussion the conclusion was:

  • create a new sophia datatype for the Post / Message
  • we will deploy a contact to store messages
  • index the messages in the backend (extend the util)
  • mix the feed
    • filters by date

Lets specify and estimate this so we can move it forward.

Initially superhero will be covering such tx fees (we should think of a way to secure it so it cannot be abused), later on the users will have to do it.

@keno.chain @philipp.chain Then in the case of us covering the tx fees - should be able to post the message on behalf of the user (still the message should be signed by them).

We will store message + meta_data (signature) , so anyone is able to send a tx to store on behalf of others.