[Feature] Community sub-pages

As superhero is developing to become a social platform of the new internet - decentralised, trustless and censorship-resistant it should offer its users an easy way to create, manage and participate in different sub-communities as this is a mandatory feature one would expect from a social platform these days.

Similar to reddit’s /r/ sub-community pages, or fb’s, linkedin, g+ and other social platforms pages, which allow users to join groups and communicate with people with similar interests - such functionality should be also present in superhero.

Implication of the proposal:

  • Users will be able to create sub-community pages
    • Customize different flavours (colours, icon-sets, rules*)
    • Customisable roles (could be based on permissions smart contract attached to the community’s .chain name following specific schema)
  • Each sub-community can define its own authentication/participation logic (e.g. based on token ownership) or can be completely open for new members
  • User can select topics they are interested in by Following/joining a community (this will allow better content suggestion with the RRE later on)

Proposal initial scope (v1):

  • Research and develop a schema for defining community properties
  • Define a way of distinguishing different community tips (e.g. by tags in the tipping contract, or different contract, deployed on community creation)
  • Initial design and implementation of the sub-community pages UI/UX in the superhero platform

More activity would be good here @Superhero

This was also my suggestion. We can also have a page where we feature fundraisers and partners to encourage others to join the platform for their causes.
We can have a tab for FEATURED events and causes, brief info, plus button to tip instantly–preferably a one-click thing, or I guess three.
Click TIP > input amount in small window pop-up (not loading an entire page) > Click Send Tip.

Good morning!!

I made this yesterday but could not post it until now.

Communities User Stories

  • As a Superhero user I want to summon my own communities around topics I care about so I can interact and engage with people which share my interests, who automatically become stakeholders in that community, with governance power tied to their reputation within the community.

  • As a community summoner I want to have community tokens to show appreciation and reputation within the community and that have a 1:1 ratio with the monetary tokens send within the community, so If I tip some one with 1 AE he also gets a separate community token which shows reputation. Monetary tokens can be moved but community appreciation tokens received are always in the balance of the user. Every time some one sends AE to other community member an equivalent amount of community tokens are minted and sent to that user. So the reputation tokens are tied to the tips sent to be a record of tips received and reputation achieved within the community

  • As a community summoner I want to set initial community guidelines that can be collectively enforced by community members through voting so meaningful communities where everyone is free to participate and decide about can be build

  • As a Superhero user I want to browse by topic existing communities so I can post in them and be accepted by the single fact that someone within that community tips my initial post.

  • As a community member, I want to be able to suggest modifications to the community guidelines established by the community summoner so every member of the community can vote on rules modifications , based on their reputation stake within the community.

  • As a community member I want to flag inappropriate behaviours within the community so members can take governance decisions about the participation in any community based in their reputation tokens. If the community takes the decision of kicking out any member his/her reputation tokens are burnt or distributed proportionally amongst the members that voted to kick him/her out depending on the community settings.

User journey

  • I create a community about Open Source Development making an initial post setting initial guidelines for participation.

  • That community summoning renders me 10 appreciation tokens for creating the community, those are the only reputation tokens that are created out of thin air, the initial summoning of a community.

  • Users that want to join the community will post using a hashtag with the community name, if someone that is already a member of the community sends them an AE tip for their post, they automatically become members of the community and receive their first appreciation tokens 1:1 with their first tip received and continue to receive appreciation tokens tied 1:1 to the monetary tips they receive for their participation in the community.

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Its a nice set of features. Could you break it down to an MVP because this has so many dependencies (governance, AEX-9 etc.). I don’t think anyone can estimate a proposal of this size accurately :confused:

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I agree. Way too many features for the beginning but nice thoughts.

Use following as inspiration:

  1. user registers dot chain name
  2. user can create tokens for dot chain name
  3. anyone who has a token can post to this community via tipping
  4. typing in dot chain name in search or in address bar (of browser) resolves to community page on superhero with the community dashboard (stats) and tips+replies.
  5. tokenholders can use weighted delegated voting (by default 51%) to set parameters of community, such as: moderators, Info Text, Flair, privacy settings and other things. Or create custom polls which appear in the tipList.

Votes come later as the next feature.

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To unblock this we could think about not requiring custom tokens to participate in a sub community? I think just getting the core concept of sub communities to work is enough for an MVP. This would include:

  • A separate feed for the sub community
  • The tips have to be included in the main feed as well
  • Everyone can comment / tip with AE for now
  • Extension & frontend would need visual adaptions to display the sub communities
  • Extension & frontend must allow tips to be posted to a sub community
  • Backend needs new endpoints for sub communities caches, tiplists etc.
  • Contract needs to be updated to include a community property for each tip

These two are a bit contradictory.

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@milenradkov.chain how would you build it and can you estimate this? I think its super important that we start with the dot chain names and have the concept right at the beginning.

please use my concept as a draft to add or change to it. don’t propose something completely new, since we need to finalize this.

Why? Using reddit as an example. You have your front page (many communities you subscribed to together) but each post is in a sub community.

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This was the missing part of the equation. As if we display everything to everyone in the default feed then the tagging is not necessary.

I will think about it and post here.

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But reddit is also showing subreddits you did not subscribed to and has a selection of popular ones that are in everyones feed regardless. It also subscribes you to a list of subreddits by default, when you create an account. So I think this could work.

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