[Feature] Governance vote with Fungible Tokens

Governance app is integrated into SuperHero like Meet (iframe)
It is communicating with Wallet
This app is running SmartContract to create a poll with options

The vote is weight-delegated - meaning it is measured by the balance of the wallet
Every poll/voting has an expiration time (depending on the selected expiration block when created)
Tokens can be delegated to someone (not directly, but using SmartContract saying person can vote on your behalf).
Every vote and every poll creation is a transaction on-chain and gas is being paid for these purposes.
Currently, it is possible to vote only with AE

Fungible tokens (FT) are digital assets built so that each individual token (or fraction of a token) is equivalent to the next.
AE FT are based on the AEX-9 standard

Proposal Status

Status: Inception

Last updated: 12.08.2020

Team: designers, frontend, backend

Approved Budget (in h): 0

Used Budget (in h): 0

Planned Delivery: 2020 (TBD)



Describe here what should be done

Initial Proposal Scope v1:

User story:

  1. Add possibility to vote via FT (which will allow later different subcommunities to create votes for their needs and only owners of tokens for that particular community can participate and express their opinion)


Design: TBD

Frontend: TBD

Backend: TBD