[Feature] Hashtags Page

Design proposal for Hashtags Page
(Updated 7PM CEST, 19.06.2020 - UI improvements + # All Hashtags tab added).

This is “full version” design of the functionality VS the MVP version that I will publish in a separate post below. The MVP version can be implemented at the moment and the full version at the time when Recommendation Engine will be also fully operational.

Clicking on a #hashtag link the user is directed to the Hashtags page.
HashTag Page includes 2 tabs:
1. Results for the specific #hashtag (+filtering options);
2. # All Hashtags tab that displays the full list of hashtags created on the platform (+ filtering options, see the mockups below).

Personalized Content Preferences (when recommendation engine is working) - allowing the user to follow certain #hashtags and to receive personalized content (recommended content) on the base of his/her preferences (see mockups below).

The same “Content Preferences” functionality should be integrated also into the User Profile Settings.

Mockups (full functionality, MVP to be published in a separate post):

Direct Link: https://nx3594.your-storageshare.de/apps/files/?dir=/P1/Superhero/Superhero.com/Desktop/v2/SH%20Hashtags/Full&fileid=579041

Directory:…/P1/Superhero/Superhero.com/Desktop/v2/SH Hashtags/Full/


I like the proposed improvements

But we can start with simple functionality first - just a paginated (infinite scroll) list of all tags (similar to “trending”)

Seems the “tag filtering” is currently a very simple implementation, we would need to properly implement it in the backend first so it is easier to extend

I suggest the “related tags” to be something like a simple relation for tags that appear in the same message (post/tip/comment), so when we click a tag to have other proposed as “related” if they ever appeared somewhere in the same context.

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image I think the old “check” icon is better

As discussed with @milenradkov.chain and @ivaylobadinov.chain the Recommendation Engine is work in progress (I thought wa had this ready and working). So now I’ll just modify my design suggestion according to what we currently have already working on the platform.

Anyway following #tags and having “recommended” content based on user preferencesit will be a meaningful feature to have and it’s good that we’ll have some design for this feature that is to come at some future moment.

In all cases there will be some modification of suggested design (I hope to publish it some time later today).

MVP Version
Full Version in previous post

MVP excludes options based on the full functionality of Recommendation engine (that is still not implemented) such as the user personalized content preferences (following hashtags).

“Related topics” at the moment (without recommendation engine fully operational) can be just “simple relation for tags that appear in the same message (post/tip/comment), so when we click a tag to have other proposed as “related” if they ever appeared somewhere in the same context” - as suggested by @ivaylobadinov.chain.

Direct link: https://nx3594.your-storageshare.de/apps/files/?dir=/P1/Superhero/Superhero.com/Desktop/v2/SH%20Hashtags/MVP&fileid=578417
Directory: …/P1/Superhero/Superhero.com/Desktop/v2/SH Hashtags/MVP/


As a part of discussed Superhero roadmap, this feature needs to be discussed and review before starting implementation