[Feature-Proposal] chat / messenger

This post is created to discuss the feature of a chat / messenger feature

Proposal Status

Status: Inception

Last updated: 20.08.2020

Team: designers, frontend, backend

Approved Budget (in h): 0

Used Budget (in h): 0

Planned Delivery: 2020 (TBD)


A way for content creators to directly talk to users, not necessarily live-chat


Describe here what should be done

Initial Proposal Scope v1:

User story:

  • As I user I want to


Design: TBD

Frontend: TBD

Backend: TBD

Are there some requirements to this?

I consider the functionality for sending private messages between users is typical for most social platforms. I raised the question several times. I’m ready to start working on this one.
My estimate for design suggestion will be 2-3 days.

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Roughly said, I thought of this. I hope it’s understandable which direction I am aiming at.

This feature comes from the fact that, as a user of superhero, currently I am not able to send direct messages to other users. As Superhero is aiming at becoming a social media/crowdfunding platform, a way for users to directly connect to each other can be of use.


  • Users will be able to send direct messages to other users
  • Content creators will be able to broadcast messages to their followers.
  • Help build a connection between superheroes + content creator

Proposed initial scope (v1).

  • Have an extra button/section for messages on superhero
  • Have the option to search for profiles in the messenger
  • Be able to send messages to other users
  • Be able to sort message inbox based on certain criteria (unanswered, newest, …)
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A lot of people take many details they experience in day to day messaging for granted, this is why I am asking. Whats the requirement/opinion about these points?

  • generic encryption
  • end to end encryption
  • using and existing protocol e.g. matrix
  • blockchain protocol, e.g. state channels
  • audio, video messages, attachments in general
  • notifications
  • instant display when a new message is received
  • group messages
  • blocking users
  • spam protection
  • read indication (for myself/others)
  • perfect forward secrecy
  • sync over multiple devices
  • reply/foreward features
  • formatting rules
  • send value
  • general limitations, e.g. message length/size
  • mentions
  • edit sent messages

Yes, I can imagine. And I definitely do.

I just couldn’t find the feature in the forum yet, so I thought to get this started as a messenger functionality might that could add value to superhero.

  1. from encryption perspective, better propose sth as I cannot estimate the work necessary for the different implemntations.
  2. notifications. yes, I’d say so.
  3. attachments would be nice. But might be sufficient at a later stage as well as the other features mentioned.

For now, a basic messenger functionality might be sufficient.
@tsvetan.chain what were you thinking of when you mentioned 2-3 days?

This is how I see MVP version of a Superhero messenger regarding some of the issues @philipp.chain raised in the previous post:

  • Some encryption (privacy protection) will be obviously expected by default from the users.

  • Attachments are not MVP feature but image attachments (from file or camera) are good to have from first version if technically possible. Then audio/video and other file attachments can be implemented later if at all.

  • Instant display, Group messages (with history or ability to save groups), block users, spam protection, read indication should be present in MVP as these are common messsenger functionalities affecting general user experience.

  • Send Value (do you mean sending tokens along with a chat message?)

  • Mentions. We already discussed some time ago that mentions should be present as functionality across the whole platform (and users should receive notifications when mentioned). Apart from this As far as the Messenger is concerned I think that mentions should be visible only if the the person mentioned is part of the private group chat where mentioning happens.

  • Lenght limitation: I don’t think we should put limitations to private messages ( may be we have to set some technical limit after all so that users are not able to copy/paste whole books for example… which is going beyound the purpose of a chat messenger. I would suggest character limit of about 3000 symbols will be enough for a single message).

  • NON MVP features: formatting, attachment of video/audio/docs etc. , edit sent messages.

  • Edit sent messages. It’s not MVP feature. It should be possible if the message hasn’t been seen yet or… for a short period of time after the message is sent.


Will it be possible to communicate anonymously?