[Feature-Proposal] "follow" content creator


  • Currently, the feed on SH is the same for every user. Aiming with Superhero to become a social media / crowdfunding platform, the building of communities and a personalised feed is an essential part. Therefore, this feature is inspired by the need of having the possibility as a user to follow my preferred content creators and have a personalised feed based on their posts


Users will be able to follow content creators.

  • Extend the SH profile with a “follow” button building links between profiles
    • Implement a feed that is based on the posts of ppl I am following
  • SH profile will be showing
    • no. of followers
    • List of followers (by clicking on the no. of followers)
    • no. of accounts I am following
    • List of accounts I am following
  • When visiting the profile of a follower, it should be visible that this person is following me (i.e. like on twitter showing “follows you”)
  • notification for “new follower”