[Feature-Proposal] Ledger Support and ease of access for Superhero.com logins

Not sure if this has been proposed previously, but would love to see Ledger support on superhero.com

  1. Before I discovered the browser extension it was cumbersome to have to type in the backup phrase each time to log in. After adding the browser extension it is a much easier experience! But I also had to search for info on where to find the extensions. Having them available on the wallet login screen would help greatly, maybe duplicate info on the homepage screen.

  2. On the screen that appears asking to attach wallet (the crypto based signup/signin screen). It would be great to be able to login with Ledger similiar to how it is done on adalite.io. If you aren’t using the browser extension and would like to login with ledger it is a very quick process and interesting way to login to a social network.