[feature request] Entire domain tipping

A new Content Creator, HWP, wants to receive tips to their entire site (rather than just a page). Is this possible and if so, how? @gokhan.chain is currently working with HWP and has reached this block.

what defines a site rather than a page?

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Thanks for your response @philipp.chain. For example, we are working with owners of a specific domain such as https://hwp.com.tr and they require the ability to receive tip on every page in this domain. @gokhan.chain you may want to elaborate further to assist Phillip.

so the owner of Medium, Twitter, YouTube, so on should be able to receive all the tips for their content creators?

Agree this is not the idea of empowering individuals who utilise Social Media sites but it does raise a question on how a content creator can utilise Superhero on their own site with multiple pages and posts.

they can just claim each url that they are able to put their public-key/chainname on :slight_smile:

For platforms or social media services such as YouTube, Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter etc, it doesn’t make sense for the owner of the domain to claim all tips. But for our target audience, which is content creators, sometimes it needs to work that way. Otherwise it’s not gonna be feasible for them to use Superhero.

If I own a news website and create 30 new articles a day, I need to claim each and every new URL created by new articles, every day. No one is gonna do that. It is not feasible.

As a humble suggestion (I don’t even know it is possible), we can include some kind of authorization within the code of Superhero Button, so once you claim that page with that specific button, you claim each URL with the same auth.

So the problem is not about putting your chain name or wallet on each URL, it is about claiming them all.

why is that not feasible? It can be automated

If so, how do we make the distinction?

Everything is possible, but I guess this would open up bug security implications.

We need to be the ones providing the automation if possible. Most content creators don’t know anything about automating this with coding (neither do i).

I have no clue how to make the distinction, but feel like making Superhero Button (kinda) mandatory for website owners might help it.

we can plan to implement this


if we plan such feature the distinction will have to be clear before. I do think the distinction is impossible

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