Feature suggestion: show tokens in the Middleware frontend and Blockchain Explorer


i followed the process at waellet.com and the possibility to create tokens.

It would be great to have an overview over all tokens, the amount of token holders, transfers and so on.

I think this might be intersting for @jsnewby from mdw.aepps.com and @LiuYang.chain from aeknow.org

Thank you

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Got it~It would be done after Lima.

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Liu YOU ARE THE BEST thank you for being such a great help with aeknow.org

The AEX-9 is not yet finished but people already starting using it. I think its still nice to show the tokens in the frontend, even if the standard will change some time soon again.

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Thanks for your magnificant works~

The spider of tokens had been done long ago, and it will be fixed to show AEX-9~