[Features-Proposal] Add emojis to text message in post


A core element of social media and crowdfunding platforms is the building of connections which boils down to emotions finally. Emojis are an easy way to express and transmit emotions digitally. Therefore, it might make sense to add the functionality of adding emojis to text messages in posts on superhero.


  • when creating a post, a user should be able to add emojis to the message

already works https://superhero.com/tip/1816

Ok, seems like the emoji is copied and pasted in there, no?

At least I don’t see the option to add emojis when tipping a URL.
I mean, right next to the textbox.


I used the emoji keyboard on my device

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Yeah, ok, that’s an option.

I just thought to make adding emojis as convenient as on other social media platforms meaning to have the emojis icon being shown next to the text box when creating a post.

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