Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa

Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa has a developers community where they meet to work on certain projects as a team and the team lead was in one of my dev hangouts in Abuja and he invited me to come and introduce his team to aeternity and Sophia so that they can begin to get their hands dirty with some blockchain syntax. It was an amazing time because we had planned for only 30 people but we had a crowd of 84 people and I was able to introduce them to Sophia and to aeternity. A handful of them signed up for dacade to take the aeternity101 course.

I spoke about state channel and oracles because I believe they are the most distinctive features of aeternity; also, I introduced them to aeternity’s startup program (Starfleet) and also spoke about aeternity’s universe.

One of the use cases we looked at is a payment solution where people can carry out transactions on the blockchain even when there is no internet connect and once the person is back to where there is internet connectivity, the transactions will be automatically synchronized. Some of the participants that came around are actively involved in the facebook developers community and this was there first time of looking at blockchain syntax. I told them to feel free and engage aeternity developers on github, twitter and forum for any form of confusion.

This is the video link


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