Feedback: New node networking

A new node, if a known node is not added to yaml. It cannot find other nodes in the network.

When I customize aeternity.yaml, I don’t have a known node, so I didn’t add it. Started, it could not find other nodes networking.

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Hey, @juraj.chain or @bot can you assist here?

You might be running into issues connecting to other peers. Can you provide log output which shows the peer count? Do you see any error logs?

@bot I didn’t find the error log, and the technician at beepool also mentioned this issue. I think you guys should test it.

It always outputs, enters 0/10, goes out 0/100

Could you send us the entire log folder with logs from a period of an 1h or so? This would help drastically to investigate this further. If we get the same from beepool that would be highly helpful too.

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Ok. I set it up again at night to reproduce this error.

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