Fetch auctions "in progress"

what is the best way to fetch auctions that are “in progress”? is there a reasonable way to do that without using the middleware?

if not, what calls need to be done to the middleware? (haven’t used it up to now)

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This is indeed a middleware function, you may see the testnet auctions here:


you can add a sort parameter, with values of name or max_bid (default sort is expiration) and you can add a reverse parameter, and you can add limit and page parameters, so:


Hope this helps!


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ahh cool. will the endpoint stay like this? I see that this is currently v0.10.0. there doesn’t exist a release with that version right now.

where is https://aeternal.io/middleware/names/auctions/active pointing to right now? because there are already .chain names claimed so this cannot be the actual mainnet.

currently aeternal.io is a fast-mining network which we made just to help with name auction development. It will be destroyed soon and this URL will be the actual mainnet.

v0.10.0 of the node will be the next version. And this endpoint will always be with us.

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just to finally clarify this here when mentioning these endoints. with your last statement I assume the official middleware-url will change from https://mdw.aepps.com/ to http://aeternal.io/. ist that correct or will they co-exist?

aeternal is the new name of the middleware, which no-one uses. The old URLs will forward to the new.

I didn’t tell you some other endpoints you may or may not be interested in:




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