Fintech Nigeria Week and University of Ibadan Meetup

The Nigeria Fintech week with the theme: Surviving with Fintech Innovation, what are the sustaining factors? started on 28th of October, 2019 with a main event that attracted some Fintech industry players across West Africa and the blockchain community. Financial institutions and some of the big technological companies in Nigeria came to participate in this year’s Fintech Week. Aeternity was also invited a long Nigeria Blockchain User Group, Binance and Flashcoin as speakers during this year’s event. I was asked to join other blockchain enthusiast which included President Nigeria Blockchain User Group, Director of Binance Labs, CIO Africa Prudentials in a panel to discuss the topic: Blockchain and Regulation of Digital Assets in Emerging Markets. I was able to use the opportunity to speak about aeternity Starfleet and also to speak about aeternity’s effort to encourage local developers own blockchain innovations by learning how to implement blockchain syntax into Daepps by learning how to building solid smart contracts and get incentives.

I also had a meetup with the student of University of Ibadan on 1st November due to a request made by the Student union president who was present during my talk during the National Computer Science Student event in Abuja. He requested we have a meetup since my talk during the student will only last 15 minutes and they might be able to have enough time to engage me.

We had a good time during the meetup discussing about aeternity and what aeternity offer the blockchain space. After the introduction, we took a dive into aeternity’s sophia smart contract language and how to implement it on a Daepp. We also took time to discuss Starfleet and how to apply for the Starfleet program.

I was also assigned to be a judge during the hackathon that took place Saturday 2nd November during the fintech week at University of Ibadan. A total of 5 teams were selected to pitch before the judges

here are links to the videos: : Short clip of me talking with the panel : Meetup at University of Ibadan


Great work @Stephensunday.chain! You even shared a stage with the director of Binance Labs Yele Bademosi at the Lagos Fintech event :clap::clap::clap:

Here are some more details about the Ibadan æternity meetup:

Questions by the audience: How easy it is to run a node on æternity and how much is the block reward on æternity for miners? Can University of Ibadan run her own æternity community and how often can æternity provide technical support to us?

Possible æpps use cases: We looked at supply chain. Ibadan is the second biggest City in the Southwest of Nigeria after Lagos and most people get goods from Lagos but they have to travel there in order to get what they want and he suggested if they can work around a supply chain solution. Also a real estate solution where a crowdfunding platform will be created for people to fund real estate problems by crowdfunding it and having stacks.

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Thank you Erik. It was a pleasure being o the same panel with Yele. The Nigeria Blockchain ecosystem is looking up to aeternity and we hope we can help them the best way we can. Thank you again

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