First Decentralized hæckathon powered by æternity's æmbassadors!


Last week æternity has seen its first beta test of a decentralized hæckathon completely organized by our voluntary community supporters (æmbassadors) ! Here is a quick fact sheet:

  • 3 weeks of active preparation time
  • 6 æmbassadors = 6 locations (in Europe & Latin America)
  • all of them secured physical locations, but only 2 had physical hæckathons due to short time for promotion and lack of physical participants on-site, so we turned it into an online hæckathon
  • 20 teams signed up globally
  • most teams were from Venezuela but couldn’t participate in the end because of the nationwide contingency plans to cut off electricity for over 3 days (still ongoing in most parts of the country)

You can find the detailed history of the online hæckathon in our dedicated telegram group:

Hamburg hæckathon

Online participants

São Paulo hæckathon

Participants from Venezuela

São Paulo hæckathon

São Paulo hæckathon

Winning contributions:

  • Thiago Souza (Bitnation):



Prototype live demonstration:

  • Huascar Adolfo Miranda Martínez (cryptoanalisis):



  • Anton Sotirov (Oauth2):




We will have more of these decentralized hæckathons this year, with more preparation time and more locations worldwide. These should be offline hæckathons, so we can have more face to face action and better results. Apart from a reward in AE tokens, future hæckathon winners will also get the chance to be invited for future Starfleet rounds (planned for Autumn 2019). In the meantime, we recommend all teams to keep building their æpps ideas on our business section in the forum:

Special thanks to our æmbassadors @jcdelpino (Venezuela), Martín Restrepo (Brazil), @dawgio (Hamburg), @arjanvaneersel & @yasparuhov (Bulgaria), @Newocork22 (Ireland) and of course @Luka and Valentin from the Starfleet team for their guidance and support!


Thank you for sharing @erik93 and big thanks to all our hardworking æmbassadors :heart_eyes:


And thanks to @erik93 for all your hard efforts to pull this off!


Hey @yasparuhov, do you have some photos from the Bulgarian hackathon?


Dear Ambassadors,
I think it’s time to take the ambassador program up a notch and give our followers a deeper look into aeternity’s blockchain features and the Sophia Language. We have to design a way to make it easy for crypto enthusiasts to get up and running their ideas on the platform. As soon as I have a framework laid out I’ll share it with you guys to polish it !


We could start by going with them through the æternity Development 101 on :+1: