First meetup from æternity Chengdu, China


First meetup at Chengdu come to an end. As I took this meetup as a rehearsal, I only invited 13 audiences and all of them are my colleges.

Among these audiences, 2 of them had experinces in crypocurrency trading and NAS(another public chain) development, and they were curious about the TPS and techniques behind aeternity. And for the rest, it’s not a easy task to understand the concepts behind blockchain just from one meetup, so I show them some dapps from ethereum and NAS, and I do feel a runnable demo would be helpful.

Since most of them are not familliar with blockchain, so my slides included some basic concepts about blockchain. And the slides was splited into 5 parts:

  1. basic concept about blockchain

  2. problems we facing today

  3. how can blockchain(aeternity) solve those problems

  4. innovation techs in aeternity

  5. future

If anyone is interested in the slides, I can share it later.

I forgot to take photos during the meetup, so there are only photos after that lol. Next time I will take more photos and prepare some merchandises beforehand.

And by the end, there are some questions from the audiences:

  1. Although a blockchain is a decentralized system, it always relys on centralized developers.How to prevent developers manipulating or even doing evil?

  2. There are lots of public chains besides aeternity, do we need so many chains?

  3. If blockchains with high tps(like eos) also implement their side-chains or statechannel, will that make them a better chain compare to aeternity?

  4. Can u imagine what the world would be like if blockchain techs have been massivly adopted?

  5. How to guarantee data provided by oracle is real?

  6. Since most transactions happens off-chain, will this cause some centralized problems such as cheating between two parties?


Hey @cauu,

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm.

Do we have your permission to share those photos around?

Best regards,
The AE Team


Of course, you can post those photos around :rofl:


Great job Martin! Don’t forget about the AE t-shirts next time :wink:

About the questions from your meetup audience: (I will answer as many as possible)

  1. Aeternity has a unique governance system, based on proof-of-stake (POS). There is delegated voting, weighted by the amount of tokens each stakeholders holds. There is also a framework for human interaction and effective discussion, so the community can prevent manipulation by certain development updates.

  2. Aeternity is specializing in oracles and state channels for faster and cheaper execution of off-chain smart contracts. Also, it is using a more sophisticated language than other chains (Erlang), so Aeternity definitely has a niche and a lot to win in this market of smart contract platforms.

  3. We will see less bureaucracy, more freedoms for entrepreneurs and more convenient business interactions in general. Smart contracts will allow more international anonymous transactions without having to trust the other party, so we can see a more inclusive global economy.