Fist Aeternity Meetup in Barcelona


Hi everybody,
Here is Manel Ruiz ambassador of Catalonia. On Friday we had the first meetup in Barcelona!
In an artist asociation in Poble Nou, probably the most creative neighborhood in town.
Artists really liked the Aeternity logo and we were discusing how to replicate it in some of their creations. For exemple, there was an artist called Marta Jimenez who does 3D dessign and she was thinking to do rings with the Aeternity logo. Maybe we could use them as merchandising. Any thoughts?
Also a couple of sculptors with programming skills were interested in the decentralized mining of Aeternity.
There is a girl from Ukraine that is preparing a Crypto Artist Event by February in Barcelona maybe we could partner them, there will be the representation of Liberland in Spain, some cryptoenthusiasts of Barcelona and many different artists.
In general, they are all interested in selling their creations through Internet and accepting AE and other cryptos as form of payment. I’ll show them how to do it. That’s the next step.


Hey @Manel,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all these cool ideas, I am sure such partnerships will be of great use for æternity.

Our merchandising and event management people will get back to you as soon as possible!



Thanks! I’m already talking with Erik about the Aeternity Meetup that I’m preparing for the 22th January in The Movistar center of Barcelona, event organized by the Blockchain Institute of Barcelona.