ForeverAENS - small Elixir SDK showcase prototype project, built on top of Æternity blockchain

ForeverAENS is a small showcase prototype project, which is built in Elixir, by using Aeternity Elixir SDK. This application automates all the activities, needed to “hold” a name in Aeternity blockchain.
This small showcase project was built within one day of SDK’s hackathon.

ForeverAENS is a console application, made to automate name claiming job and other functionalities.

This app allows a user to:

  • Pre-claim and claim a given name(if the name wasn’t found in the blockchain and there is no current auction for it).
  • Prolonging given name before the expiry by user defined number in blocks.
  • Monitor and automatically bid for a given name(if the name’s auction is active and if the user has enough tokens for making a new bid).