[ForgAE] Deployment script with multiple deployer wallets

Is there a way to access wallets[] array in ForgAE deployment/deploy.js script?
I’d like to deploy few contracts, with different owners.
It seems that I only have access to one privateKey since the function prototype itself is:
const deploy = async (network, privateKey) => { ... }
I assume this privateKey is wallets[0] aka miner’s secret?

Hey @filip,

Currently, the wallets object is not exposed to the deployments scripts. You can use it in your tests.
The main benefit of this object is actually in the tests. Can you share what is your use case and why do you need to deploy these contracts with different accounts?

As a workaround, for now, you can extract the keypairs from the console, where you have stared the node, and manually create an object with them.


Yes I am aware of having the possibility to hardcode generated keys and initialize Deployer. I just thought there was maybe something I am missing about being able to access accounts[] inside deploy.js. I assume it would be fairly easy to implement/expose accounts there too.

In our use case there are few components/contracts interacting with each other. For example one would be the token issuer which is authority for itself and does not have to be in the ownership of the same authority which is orchestrating the other parts of our platform. When setting up the development environment and deploying to testnet, it would be useful to create a realistic situation so that the testing could be done properly.

Thanks for the information provided!